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We're working with partners who trust us.


Designed and developed by doctors.

My Cardiology is designed and developed by doctors with years of front line experience as well as experience in software engineering.

The features you need.

When you need them.

My Cardiology has built in all the features you need so you can organise your information.

Build your own

Education Portal.

My Cardiology offers you the possibility to build your own Education Portal.


Send alerts to your team.

My Cardiology let's you configure and send notifications to your team members.

One location for

all Guidelines.

Manage all your clinical guidelines in one place to ensure the highest level of care is consistently delivered.

Complete Control.

In Real time.

All users can access everything they need from the desktop. Approved admin users can control all of your team's content using the web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the content and who can access the content?

You have complete control of all your content for your department. Access to this is controlled by your department’s leaders. There are 2 levels of access on the platform, admin and read only users. You can appoint admins for your department and they can control the content. Access is only granted to users that you approve, keeping your platform secure. You can remove user access at any point, for example when staff move on.

How is content managed?

The app is available across iOS, Android and desktop browser. You can use the web based portal to have full control of your content.

Where is the data hosted?

With healthcare institutions now advocating for a cloud first approach, all of the content is stored in “the cloud”. More specifically we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store all the data. AWS is one of the most secure, reliable and trusted cloud services in the world. The data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest ensuring the highest levels of security for your data are achieved.

Is there a limit to the number of users we can have?

Nope, you can have unlimited users!

Is there a limit to the amount of content we can store?

Nope, you can have unlimited content!

How is the app supported?

We offer full support and even take feature requests if you have a great idea for a feature for the platform.

Does the mobile app work offline?

Yep, the app has full offline functionality.

Can I arrange a call or demo before I sign up?

Yep, feel free to get in contact or book a demo with our team of doctors here.